Are These Government-Enforced “Hidden Waves” Putting You and Your Family’s Health At Risk?

Shocking New Research Reveals Disturbing Effects of EMF, Cellular, Wi-Fi, X-Ray, Gamma, Microwaves and More…

“We believe it is our ethical responsibility to inform the public about what the peer-reviewed scientific literature tells us about the health risks from wireless radiation.”
– Joel J. Moskowitz, PhD
“We believe it is our ethical responsibility to inform the public about what the peer-reviewed scientific literature tells us about the health risks from wireless radiation.”
– Joel J. Moskowitz, PhD

Is Our Health Being Held Hostage In a Technological Takeover?

Something big is happening right under our noses…
But with all the chaos in the world lately it’s hard to keep up.
As you read this, the United States is rolling out some of the most impressive technology we’ve ever seen as a human race.
The technology, which is now being finalized by global engineering working groups, will use cutting edge high-speed mobile networks to give us the fastest mobile communication speeds on the planet.

You can download an HD movie in seconds, browse the internet faster on the go, and enjoy less lagging while you scroll through your phone, tablet, or laptop…

It would put us squarely in the lead when it comes to digital innovation.
Börje Ekholm, CEO of Ericsson, says this technology will usher in a “collaborative ecosystem”…
While Ryan Ding, President of Carrier Business Group says it has “huge potential to build new capabilities”.
Yet the most interesting detail of this development is one that took me by complete surprise:
This high-speed network is to be built, secured, and operated by the federal government itself1.
And if it’s anything like the first generations of high-speed networks that have come before it…
There’s cause for alarm.
Because according to scientists, the human body is now bombarded by 7 types of “hidden” waves every single day2.
These waves come from cell towers, wi-fi, laptops, tablets, microwaves, televisions, and cell phones… even the smart meter on the back of your home.
They’re called Electromagnetic Frequencies, better known as EMFs… and they’re everywhere.

We have to consider if we should be protecting ourselves. And if so, how?

More on that in just a minute…
First, you should know scientists have long been voicing their concerns about these invisible waves we’ve come to rely on.
And that’s because their research is showing us the waves powering our instant mobile communication are strong enough to penetrate through massive, concrete walls3.
Think the Pantheon, or the Taj Mahal…
Now, if these waves are strong enough to travel through these enormous structures…
And we’ve just made them faster and more powerful than they’ve ever been before…
What are they doing to you and me

By the way, this is happening whether we like it or not.

The money has already been spent, the infrastructure laid, and first models rolled out in over 100 US cities4
And now we’re hurtling faster than ever towards an advanced technological takeover that places high-speed mobile communication above our health. We get no say.
Our only option from here is to prepare ourselves for what comes next… or deal with the consequences.

Scientists Warn That This New Technology Is Not Only Unprecedented… It’s Also Untested

By the end of this year alone, the US is expected to spend $2.7 trillion5 on this new high-speed technology.
But the “powers that be” have not yet allotted a single penny of those billions to testing its long-term effects on our health.
So what does that mean for us 10 years from now? Or 20 years from now?
Since we’ve never laid eyes on technology quite like this before, we can’t be sure.
So far, we don’t know of a single study that confirms it’s safe for us, and it’s clear more research is needed.
But here’s what we DO know.

3 Frightening Effects of EMF On the Body

While we’re still waiting on confirmation that this technology is safe long-term, hundreds of published studies do raise concerns

1. EMFs Are Invisible Areas of Energy, Often Referred to as Radiation

…And high-level radiation has the potential for cellular and DNA damage.
The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has named newer types of EMFs – like the ones being set loose on us now – as Class 2B carcinogens 6.
Other disturbing research has demonstrated that EMF is genotoxic, which means it can destroy DNA7.

2. Radiation Can Cause Serious Health Concerns

The energy from some types of radiation can remove electrons from atoms, including those made of water and living tissue. This breaks chemical bonds8.

And when this happens in the human body, it can prompt unstable atoms called “free radicals” to cause what scientists refer to as “Cellular Stress”9.

And while we’re told there are guidelines to prevent us from high-level exposure to these waves… 

Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD, director of the Center for Family and Community Health in the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley tells us the science behind those guidelines doesn’t add up: 

“Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. 

Effects include […] cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. 

Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”10

3. “Cellular Stress” Deprives Our Cells of Life-Giving Oxygen

According to experts, this is a phenomenon caused by an imbalance of oxygen production and accumulation in our cells and tissues.

When our cells don’t receive enough oxygen, they can’t turn our food into energy. And when cells can’t harness any energy, they can die…11

Unfortunately, these are not wild predictions… These studies tell us what’s happening to our bodies right here and now…

Body Aches? Headaches? Fatigue? Could “Cellular Stress” Already Be Taking Its Toll.. UNNOTICED?
The worst part of all this is that we’re already feeling the effects of “Cellular Stress”…
EMFs aren’t new, and we’re already seeing symptoms of Cellular Stress show up in a number of ways…
Symptoms people brush off as fatigue, poor diet, stress, or even genetics…
Those headaches after a day of work, staring at a computer screen? That upset stomach out of nowhere? The body aches and exhaustion that never quite turn into the flu, but you swore they would?
They’re not as harmless as they seem.
And the odds are stacked against us. The thing is, cellular stress is rampant in today’s world… not just from radiation.
Cellular stress is the result of a number of modern pitfalls such as12,13…
And more…
So it’s hard to detect the invisible threat posed by EMFs.
But new research is suggesting these “hidden waves” only accelerate and add to the damage14.

We Can’t Escape These Invisible Threats… But We CAN Protect Ourselves From the “Cellular Stress” They Inflict On Us and Our Families

Hi I’m Johnathan Otto, an investigative journalist, filmmaker and humanitarian.
And I’ll be the first to admit, when my wife and I heard about all this, we didn’t know what to make of it…
Stories like this come and go with each news cycle these days, so at first we rolled our eyes and said, “Fake news…”
But the stories kept popping up… spoon feeding us a few more details here and there.
Until the fear of an invisible, inescapable enemy stuck with me.

I carried it around for weeks, turning it over in my head every which way trying to disprove it, until I realized…

This is real. And there’s no good way to opt out of this government-enforced “shift”.
I don’t know about you, but that gets my wheels spinning. The investigative journalist in me wouldn’t rest until I had a real answer…

If we can’t make this go away, what can we do?

I dug deep to find an answer that would satisfy me.

I poured through hundreds of studies, spoke to a dozen esteemed scientists who I was able to reach through some film connections…

And what I learned kept me right where I was. Confused. Worried. A little bit hopeless.

I had already given up for weeks when my wife said something that made my investigative bells go off again…

We were in the car, about to drive home from the grocery store when she turned to me in the car and said, “Do you remember Hoshi?”

Of course I did. A friend of ours told us this story and it’s hard to forget.
In 2006, a friend of ours met a man named Hoshi on their way back to Australia to visit family. Their plane was delayed, and after wearing out their crossword puzzles, his wife began to “people watch”.

She noticed Hoshi sitting across from them. At the time, Hoshi was a much older gentleman, but his eyes were bright…

His skin still had a noticeable glow.

As my friend tells it, “Knowing my wife, I knew what was coming next…”

His wife smiled at him and struck up a conversation, and they learned Hoshi had just turned 94 years old.

“We Were Shocked!"

They knew he was older than them, but Hoshi looked and sounded like a man much younger… in his late 60s at most.

They asked him what his secret was, and the answer they got was far more interesting than we expected.

Through broken English, he told them about how back in 2001, his health started to deteriorate fast. Doctors told him his body would likely fail him if he didn’t get proper treatment.

But his family was poor, and he knew he couldn’t afford a lifetime of medication.

Not ready to give up completely, he flew back home to Japan and met with an old healer.

She gave him a strange, “Black Powder” to take in his tea every day. He said it looked like ash… and he was scared at first, but he had nothing to lose.

And within months, his health completely changed direction.

In fact, his doctors began a series of case studies to discover what was in the powder that was causing such miraculous benefits…

When they studied it, they found this black powder was ancient… It had been untainted by man for over 6,000 years, but not yet fossilized like humic shale or other mineral sources.

They also found it was not rock, but a plant…

Which is harvested from veins of untouched ancient plant deposits buried by bentonite clay and volcanic ash in the virgin soils of southern Utah, then leached by a water process to draw out only the minerals.

The “Black Powder’s” real name, we came to find out, was Fulvic Acid.

Fulvic Acid Breathes Life Back Into Our Tired, Damaged Cells...

The story fascinated us. Why hadn’t we heard of this before?

So we did our own research and found there’s almost nothing this mineral can’t do…

Our findings showed both traditional medicine and modern research claim Fulvic Acid can help balance out the immune system, fight fatigue and heavy metal toxicity, and acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory15.

And it’s been used for over 3,000 years in Traditional Indian Medicine, or “Ayurveda”.

They use a substance called Shilajit, a tar-like exudate from the Himalayas containing 15–20% Fulvic Acid, and is used for immune-modulation, antioxidant, diuretic, antihypertensive, and hypoglycemic effects15.

But the most important thing it does is it helps our cells produce and accumulate oxygen to combat Cellular Stress16.

Hundreds of studies show Fulvic Acid relieves oxygen deficiency and increases the vital activity of cells…

And that’s why my wife turned to me that day in the car and asked if I remembered the story of Hoshi.

She knew I was still nervously chewing on the news of these high-speed networks infiltrating our bodies without permission…

And being the smart woman she is, she connected the dots between what we found almost 15 years ago when we learned from Hoshi’s story with the consequences of the invisible threat we’re facing today.

The constant involuntary radiation we’re being exposed to is quite literally breaking down our cells’ atomic structures and depriving them of oxygen17

And low blood oxygen levels lead to blood acidity18, which is bad news for our health.

It’s what sends our bodies spiraling into serious, chronic conditions.

That’s why Fulvic Acid is so promising in these uncertain times…

The alkalizing minerals in Fulvic Acid support balanced pH levels and assist in oxygen absorption, breathing life back into our damaged cells18.

In fact, the mineral concentration in Fulvic Acid is so powerful, it can power a lightbulb!

Now, Fulvic Acid is naturally occurring in food sources. 

But of course, modern farming methods strip Fulvic Acid from our soil, which means it’s also stripped from our food19

So we’re still vulnerable to harmful invisible waves unless we can get enough of this nourishing, black mineral source. 

Especially now that these waves have increased in the power and speed at which they can penetrate our cells…

You’d need to make a full time job out of grinding up these ancient plant deposits into powder to take every single day.

Not to mention, it would be a messy process, very expensive, and I’d be lying if I told you I knew how to get 6,000 year-old plant stains off your rug…

That’s Why We Developed a Powerful Formula That Creates a Natural Shield From The Potentially-Damaging Effects of These Harmful Waves

Cell Defense effectively supercharges the oxygen production and accumulation in our cells to keep them functioning at optimal levels15.

We partnered with one of the top labs in the US to get out ahead of these threats and developed one of the most advanced Fulvic Acid formulas on the market.

This natural formula gives the body a natural “shield” against the constant exposure to these harmful hidden waves we’re being exposed to almost every minute of the day…

From our cell phones, wi-fi, televisions, microwaves, and all the other devices we’ve come to depend on.

Cell Defense contains one of the highest concentrations of Fulvic Acid available today.

With just 1 dropper, twice per day, it immediately starts working to cleanse, defend, and eliminate the damage already done.
And since it’s tasteless, you can include it in your morning coffee, smoothies, or simply place a serving per day on your tongue for a quick, 5-second daily ritual that protects your body from cellular harm.

Plus Our “Nano” Process Provides Enhanced Bioavailability So You Can Feel the Protective Effects Faster

What’s special about Cell Defense, besides its superior mineral content, is our Nano extraction process we use to formulate it.

In this process, we use a nanoparticle processor that ensures a lipid bond for cellular recognition.

What this means is the minerals in Cell Defense are primed to attach to the right amino acids in our body so their benefits are delivered quickly and in full20.

Our proprietary Nano process…

  • Increases bioavailability
  • Increases stability and shelf life
  • Increases cellular penetration, activity, and function
  • Offers minimized taxation to the liver and kidneys
  • And speeds up the rate at which the body can recognize and use these minerals
So you’re not just taking in “dead ingredients” that don’t pack any punch out of the bottle…

You’re getting immediate benefits that start working to support a healthier immune system, fight back against inflammation, and create a protective barrier between your cells and our toxic environment15.

This Is For You If…

  • You don’t want to take a chance with your health or your family’s health…
  • You’re uncomfortable waiting years to find out what could happen if these threats were real…
  • You believe the science that says these waves have been notoriously bad for our health in the past…
  • You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to start building a protective “buffer” against these invisible waves
  • You want better overall health for years to come…

Thousands of People Are Already Feeling Better

I’m glad I’m on your product, because without this, I would be in a wheelchair. And now, my condition is practically normal! Now I am so happy and live my whole life in a whole different way. I do not have enough words to thank you!

– Nataliya V.

I’ve always had chronic fatigue since I was 8 years old and have been searching for remedies my whole life. After using their [Well of Life] products, I just felt like I could fly! My energy has been so fabulous.
It just feels like a miracle!

– Gale G.

Before [the protocol] our sleep was terrible, my husband was in a lot of pain, he wasn’t able to move his hands, he had lesions on his arms and legs, and now all of that is gone. It’s just gone. He’s now able to move his hands, he’s feeling super energetic he says he’s slept the best he’s ever slept in his life!

– Dianna C.

How Much Better Would You Feel Knowing You Can “Opt Out” of This Dangerous New World?

The decision to roll out this technology has been made without us… But it’s our right to decide what’s best for our own health.

We may not be able to stop the technological takeover that’s fast approaching…

But we can certainly opt out.

Imagine reading the inevitable headlines…

Experts Uncover the Devastating Effects of New High-Speed Technologies…
Governments Regret Hasty Rollout of “Innovative” Networks

And instead of your heart dropping and realizing you did nothing to protect yourself, you can sleep well knowing you and your family are safe because of a decision you made today.

You won’t be caught off guard with health problems down the line that were never your fault to begin with.

If You Don’t Experience Better Health and Peace of Mind, It’s On Us…

Remember, taking action today is completely risk-free. There’s enough to be worried about in our world right now, and the last thing we want is for you to worry that Cell Defense won’t work for you and your family.

But we’re so confident that it will, that if in 60 days from now you’re still not sure… we’ll issue a stress-free refund, no questions asked.

And Because You Found This Page, You Can Get Cell Defense At An Exclusive Discount Right Now!


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