Over 70 Of The World’s Best Doctors and Scientists Risk Sanctions By Uncovering THE REAL CAUSE Behind Severe Health Problems

If you experience any of the following, you’re in good company…

Feeling drained and exhausted, even after you get a good night’s sleep?

Suffering from painful abdominal cramps, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation… And have no idea why?

Forgetting simple things, or often feeling like you’re in a brain fog that doesn’t let you focus on one thing or think clearly?

Experiencing unexplained headaches and skin that seems to look older, more sensitive, more dehydrated, no matter what products you use?

Gaining more and more weight as the years go by, without being able to shut down your cravings for sugar or fast food?

And also – Feeling depressed, stressed out and anxious for no apparent reason?

You wonder if it’s all in your head…

Or that you’re simply getting older…

And, even though your medical tests look good on paper…

You still can’t shake that gut feeling that something could be wrong with your body.

You don’t know what to do to be happier and more energetic… 

How to make your body feel healthy…

And how to stop digestive issues and weight gain from ruining your life…

Hi, I’m Dr. Peter Kan,

And I’m here to tell you that, if you’re dealing with one or more of these symptoms, you are right to be worried.

You are not crazy and you are NOT imagining things.

And you have the right to be treated.

Even if your doctors can’t diagnose these symptoms, there could still be an underlying health concern you need to know about.

And I am here to show you exactly what that is, just how dangerous these symptoms are and – most importantly, exactly how you help manage the problem and support a healthier body overall.

What if I told you that it’s not necessary to

Count every calorie while trying for years to lose excess weight;

Feel drained of energy and barely able to get
out of bed in the morning;

Suffer from constant constipation, bloating,
gas, or diarrhea;

Catch frequent colds or feel under the weather

Be in constant pain with headaches, chronic pain, or abdominal cramps;

Experience brain fog or memory lapses on a regular basis…

Have dry, dehydrated, and aged skin, that
makes you look like you’re five, maybe ten years older…

These could all point to a condition that millions are suffering from,

that will get worse and worse if you don’t take action now

And this condition is called the leaky gut syndrome.

Most of the symptoms plaguing you could indicate signs of a leaky gut!

Leaky gut is a condition that modern medicine is only starting to learn about, because we are only now waking up to the incredibly important role that the gut plays in our health.

Up until now, the gut was seen as just performing these functions: breaking down food, absorbing beneficial nutrients and eliminating the residue.

But this only scratches the surface.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, warned doctors almost 2,500 years ago that “All diseases begin in the gut”.

Scientists have recently discovered that this is in fact true, so much so, that now they call the gut “the second brain”.

Most of the symptoms plaguing you could indicate signs of a leaky gut!

Leaky gut is a condition that modern medicine is only starting to learn about, because we are only now waking up to the incredibly important role that the gut plays in our health.

Up until now, the gut was seen as just performing these functions: breaking down food, absorbing beneficial nutrients and eliminating the residue.

But this only scratches the surface.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, warned doctors almost 2,500 years ago that “All diseases begin in the gut”.

Scientists have recently discovered that this is in fact true, so much so, that now they call the gut “the second brain”.

What is leaky gut? And how does it affect my health?

Picture this:

Every single thing you eat or drink goes into your stomach, where it gets digested into the tiniest of particles.

Those tiny particles move into the gut, where healthy nutrients get absorbed, and the toxic residues are “flushed” out of the body…(1)
That happens when your gut is healthy and it functions like a well-oiled machine.

And this is where it gets very interesting:

You would probably be astonished to know that…

  • If you feel happy or depressed on a day to day basis (2)
  • If you’re exhausted or bursting with energy(3)
  • If you’re fit or struggling to lose some pounds(4) (5)
  • If you are prone to getting colds often or have ironclad immunity(6)(7)
  • And even if you are healthy or chronically ill…(8)

It could all be related to your gut…

Now, you’re probably thinking of your gut as being the “Superhero” of your system, and you would be absolutely right.
But as you know from the movies, every Superhero has their kryptonite, something that can seriously weaken it.

When we’re talking about our gut, this weakness lies in the lining of the gut.

Now, imagine this lining of the gut walls being only one microscopic cell thick… to understand just how fragile it is.
So when this very vulnerable protection cracks, your gut becomes punctured with hundreds of tiny holes – And your gut walls become just like a sieve.

These holes let food particles, bacteria and toxic WASTE escape directly into your bloodstream and poison the whole system, putting you at risk of many painful symptoms and a host of severe chronic diseases, including multiple organ failure.

According to Harvard Health, the leaky gut is also connected with autoimmune diseases like celiac Disease, MS, gluten sensitivity, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, allergies, asthma, acne, obesity, mental illness and many, many others.

And if you have just one of the symptoms I told you about before, you may already be suffering from it without even knowing.
Let me get something straight: Your gut needs to be permeable to a certain degree so that the good nutrients can go into the bloodstream and reach your organs…
But why does your gut become punctured and what can you do to heal it once the damage is there?

It’s all because of a protein called Zonulin.

Our body naturally produces Zonulin, and this protein is actually vital for our health.
Remember when I told you that good nutrients go into the bloodstream and the residue is flushed out? Well, Zonulin helps make that process happen.
However, when you have too much Zonulin, it dramatically increases the permeability of your intestinal lining, allowing toxins, bacteria, and waste to escape into your blood, putting your health and immunity into high alert.(9)
Think of Zonulin like the lava in a volcano.

When the lava level is low, the volcano is dormant.

But when too much lava builds up underneath the mountain, the volcano suddenly erupts. When it does this, the lava burns everything in its path, and the whole ecosystem dies.

That’s exactly what too much Zonulin does to your body: It makes the gut defense line incapable to protect you from harmful toxins, viruses and bacteria.

From the tiniest cell to the whole immune system, your body becomes a fighting ground for survival.

And unfortunately, this makes you vulnerable to disease.

And that’s because if this toxic waste circulates in your bloodstream, this is what it could mean for your health:

  • If it ends up in the brain, you’ll be susceptible to headaches, brain fog, mood swings and even memory loss.(10)
  • If it gets into the organs, it can cause sepsis and multiple organ failure(11)
  • If it ends up in the digestive system, it may contribute to inflammation(12) bloating, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, and indigestion.
  • If it gets into skin cells, it may cause rashes, eczemas and acne.(13)(14)
  • If it gets into the joints, you may experience joint pain and discomfort(15)(16)

The first sign of this toxic overload is feeling exhausted even after a lot of rest.

But your body needs energy, so you also start craving sugar.

No wonder so many people nowadays feel lethargic, irritable, anxious and depressed and they cannot lose weight no matter how hard they try to diet or exercise.

The 3-Step Action Plan for
Complete Gut Repair

In total, these powerful natural ingredients can work synergistically to help:

  • Decrease Zonulin levels to a more optimal level
  • Fill the holes in the gut
  • Protect the intestinal lining
  • Defend the gut from inside and outside attacks…even create a beneficial microflora in the gut, even if it never existed before!
  • And bring back balance to your immune system

I could see that these ingredients, if they were added into specific amounts and produced organically, could make people see amazing changes…

Not only in the relief of their symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, gas, constipation, skin rashes, headaches, brain fog..
But also in their state of mind. More happiness. More calm. More energy. More enthusiasm, and a sense of renewed potential.
It’s like this amazing formula helps you become a new you, that’s happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

I’ve started to recommend these ingredients to my patients in my clinical practice.

But soon enough, I ran into some issues:
First, most people found it hard to take 16 different ingredients every day without forgetting a single one…

Not to mention that the monthly treatment would cost several hundreds of dollars.

Second, people couldn’t find the organic version of each, so they couldn’t benefit from the full potential of each ingredient…

And since they needed to be taken in a precise formulation…
How could I make sure they were using them correctly?
I have hundreds of patients at any given time, and no matter how much I want to, I simply could not give all of them the attention they deserve,

One single formula on the market had every single one of these ingredients
in just the right doses... The Gut Repair 360 by Well Of Life.

Unlike many other supplement companies, they have a spotless track record, a clear mission of helping people to get better and their hearts are in the right place.

The Gut Repair 360 is specially formulated to help you support a healthy gut

Gut Repair 360 takes only 2 seconds of your time every day, less that it would take you to order a coffee…
All the ingredients are:
  • Formulated from natural ingredients
  • Sourced from organic plants and compounds 
  • Created in an FDA-approved facility
  • Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and Dairy-Free
  • Contains non-GMO ingredients
  •  Added in just the right doses to achieve maximum effects in as little time as possible.
  •  And manufactured in the USA, using premium domestic and international ingredients.

Now, as you saw, ALL these ingredients have really incredible properties, not only to support the health of your gut, but to help strengthen the immunity of the whole body as well.

So now you have two options:
You can get all these 16 plant remedies from different sources, that would cost you hundreds of dollars per week…

Or take the smart and safe path, and choose the affordable supplement formula Gut Repair 360 that has the right concentrations of all the 16 organically-sourced ingredients.

“I just absolutely love the gut rebuilder. Why? Because just the way it’s formulated. Jonathan is able to put this formulation in together where the ratio works well for everyone to really want to rebuild their gut. It’s so important for us to restore that gut lining so the body is supported for better overall health.”

Dr. Cathleen Gerenger

But how will you know when you’ve won
against the leaky gut?

You might start to notice improvements in the following areas
But best of all, you will feel like whole years have been added
to your life because you will feel light, energetic and positive
like when you were a kid, or even better in some cases!

But how will you know when you’ve won
against the leaky gut?

You might start to notice improvements in the following areas
But best of all, you will feel like whole years have been added
to your life because you will feel light, energetic and positive
like when you were a kid, or even better in some cases!
Of Course, Gut Repair 360 is Not for Everyone

Then this 100% natural formula is not for you.
But if you feel like you have reached the end of the rope, and that there is nothing more you can do on your own to get support with these symptoms, then you really should give Gut Repair 360 a try.

Thousands of People are Already Feeling Better

“It feels great. And I have lost 14 lbs, since I started this, it was the end of July. I lost 14 lbs and everybody notices it. Plus, I’ve got more energy, I’m out talking to people and explaining what happened and trying to get them onboard. It’s good, it makes me feel like I have a mission.”
– Diana Cowart
“Thank you. Thank you with all my heart for coming up with this and putting it up there. I mean…all of the people, thank you. Really. This is life-changing for me.”
– Gale Gass
“Before, I was practically suicidal. Now I am very happy and you know, just live my whole life in an absolutely different way. So Thank You, I just have not enough words to tell you Thank You. I just can’t stop crying.”
– Nataliya

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

That’s right! You have up to 3 months to decide if this product is delivering on its promise. That’s how much confidence I have in its incredible properties.

And if you decide, even on the 90th day that the Gut Repair 360 is not the right thing for you, then simply email my team at [email protected] and you will get your money refunded within 24 hours.

And Because You Found the Page, You Can Get Gut Repair 360
At An Exclusive Discount Right Now







Just take a moment to picture this:

It’s already tomorrow and you have just woken up in the morning.You are feeling like you are bursting with energy. You have so much energy that you feel you could light up a whole city!
Your mind is clear. The brain fog has lifted and you are no longer tormented by  any headaches.
You feel so much lighter because you are no longer bloated and constipated.
You get on the scales, and surprise! you have lost a lot of weight!

You see yourself in the mirror and you can’t believe it: someone else seems to be looking back at you. A person with healthy skin – plumped,

tight, and blemish-free.

For your health, there is now Gut Repair 360.
I’m Dr. Kan, guiding you every step of the way.
Frequently Asked Questions

Before I discovered this powerful, organic formula, I carefully researched other similar products that claim to treat the leaky gut.
And truth to be told, I was worried. Worried that some people actually decide to take them, because some of these supplements can cause serious problems. Not only do they not cure your leaky gut, but they can damage your health even further.

Why? Well, I was stunned to see that some of the ingredients that were promoted as safe and effective can actually increase Zonulin levels. That was unacceptable to me, because I knew that high Zonulin makes the tight junctions in the gut wall relax and thus make the gut more permeable.
But there’s more. Many of these products contain sugars and artificial sweeteners. This is dangerous and addictive for the body, not to mention that sugar is very bad for leaky gut!
If you ask me, these products are cheating patients, because they promise to boost energy levels, but they do it artificially.

If you take a supplement that contains sugar, of course you will feel a rush of energy early on, but that doesn’t mean that it will last throughout the day, or that it’s healthy to do so.
Gut Repair 360 doesn’t have any sugars, artificial sweeteners, calories or additives.

All of the 16 ingredients of Gut Repair 360 are manufactured from organic plants and compounds available in concentrated form, safe for the body to use.

More importantly, they aren’t processed using toxic additives. We just put the healing power of nature in a pill.

And to come back to your question – The lack of efficient supplements on the market that can treat the leaky gut  is the reason that I recommend  Gut Repair 360 as a powerful, organic and 100% safe alternative that helps your health on multiple levels.

So Gut Repair 360 was made by actually taking into account the current alternatives on the market.

It makes total sense that Gut Repair 360 is better because it was built with the latest research in mind. The way Well of Life managed to come up with such a strong formula is that they selected all the ingredients based on solid, clinically-proven studies.

Gut Repair 360 contains the best research, the best ingredients and the best expertise on the market.

As you might know by now, Gut Repair 360 is not an ordinary health product. It’s a multi-effect and prolonged-action formula that will not only help to manage the symptoms of your leaky gut but also help to boost your energy levels, clear your skin issues, improve your mental abilities and promote a healthy body weight.

It’s a complete formula that has your short term and long term health in mind.

You can take one pill of Gut Repair 360 every day with a glass of water, milk, tea or juice. You can choose the moment of the day when it’s convenient, so simply place it somewhere where you can see it to remember to take it daily.

But remember that you need to take it every day. One thing that happens when you take Gut Repair 360 is that you and I virtually shake hands in a partnership.

I’m committed to provide you with the best, 100% natural product for helping you treat your leaky gut, and you, on the other hand, have to commit to take this product every single day, without missing a dose.

Gut Repair 360 comes with no known side-effects, other than the “side-effects” of using a product that contributes to more energy throughout the day, even after hours of work, a slimming waistline, better skin, and no leaky gut.

The ingredients in the formula have been selected after painstaking research. And as I said before, they contain zero sugar, zero artificial additives and zero calories.

As a functional medicine doctor, I can confirm that Well of Life’s supplement was developed by putting the patient’s interest first.

That is one of my favorite questions.

Gut Repair 360 may start producing changes in your body fast.

The first changes are subtle.

Many people who first started using it said they started to feel a burst of energy in the morning, even before drinking their morning coffee.

The symptoms that had been tormenting them for months, or even years,  like bloating, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, started to subside little by little.

They’ve also said that they seemed to be able to think clearer, and to remember more from their groceries list.

For most, changes like these happened in less than a few weeks. However, remember that every person is unique, with a unique body and health conditions, and for some it may work faster than for others.

But you’ll be sure this formula is working when you’ll start to do things that seemed hard to do before.

Maybe you can stay up late to finish the project you needed to do for work, or maybe you have more energy to clean your house.

For others it might mean they have more energy to spend time with their kids, playing with them for hours without getting exhausted…

Or that they can eat a really big meal without feeling bloated and sleepy seconds after the last bite.

Of course, the best way to see how Gut Repair 360 works for you is to just order now and experience the results for yourself.

And when you do, please write to me, because I always want to hear reviews. So if you are ready, simply click the I Want In button below.

We, doctors, have a saying: “Treat the patient, not the disease.”

There is not one single patient who reacts the same way to a disease or a treatment. But Gut Repair 360 was designed with each patient in mind, and the reviews I got from people who used it were phenomenal.

Still, it may happen, even if this is highly unlikely, that Gut Repair 360  won’t work for you if you’re one of the few that doesn’t actually have leaky gut, but another disease.

In that case, you don’t have to worry – you have up to 3 full months to figure out if Gut Repair 360 is a right fit. If you see that Gut Repair 360 doesn’t perform its magic on you, simply email us at support@gutrepair360.com to get a refund.

Simply click on the I Want In button to sort out your health and your priorities and start on this exciting new journey. Relax! Not all changes are bad! I can’t wait to hear from you on how this amazing product has changed your life.

To your health, Dr. Kan.

Thank you for listening to this presentation until the end.