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I want you to take a moment to congratulate yourself for deciding to care for your gut’s health. Using Gut Repair 360 to fix the root cause of all the problems that were bothering you for years is a smart choice, and you will experience the benefits in no time.

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Because these are all common signs you might have digestive issues affecting you

Besides the unpleasant symptoms, not digesting your food properly may cause you to miss vital nutrients your body needs to stay strong.

And while many doctors brush these symptoms off or prescribe something that helps you deal with the discomfort, we’re going straight at the root cause and help you solve your issues naturally – and seriously.

For this, we recommend our proprietary blend of Digestive Enzymes By Well Of Life. This specially formulated digestive enzymes blend is enhanced with probiotics, antioxidants, and fulvic and humic powders.

It’s dedicated to helping you strengthen your digestion and helps relieve uncomfortable symptoms after your meal, such as gas, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation.

This blend also helps people suffering from food sensitivities to milk, gluten, legumes or hard to digest foods, while your body gets the extra “troops” to handle the breakdown of nutrients.

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So what’s inside our custom blend of
Digestive Enzymes with Fulvic Minerals?

An effective dose of the most important digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes are small, microscopic “soldiers” that your gut uses to break down food. More precisely…
  • Lactase for breaking down the lactose and helping digest milk and dairy products…
  • Protease for breaking down proteins, helping you digest meat and legumes
  • Amylase for breaking down carbs, helping you digest carbohydrates from breads, pastas and cookies.
  • Cellulase for breaking down plant fibers, helping you digest veggies and fruits

And others.

What happens when you add these enzymes before your meal is that you can eat without worry, knowing your digestion will do the job properly, without causing you to feel pain, bloating, or cramps.
You will be able to eat your favorite foods without suffering from post-meal fatigue or experience the “heavy belly” and sluggishness after a rich meal.
These little “soldiers” will give a helping hand to your own enzymes to digest your food, so you’re finally able to enjoy your post-meal time.

Two strains of scientifically-backed probiotics that restore your digestion and provide multiple health benefits

The first strain that we’ve added is Lactobacillus Acidophilus. This probiotic plays an important role in human health

Along with providing digestive support, this probiotic strain has been found to…
  • Significantly reduce “the bad” cholesterol
  • Help prevent and treat diarrhea
  • May reduce bloating
  • May help you lose weight and belly fat
  • Help prevent and reduce allergies

The second ingredient is Bifidobacterium Bifidum,
and this is the most important bacteria you can find
in your colon. Bifidobacterium Bifidum can:

  • Help regulate your immunity
  • Reduce your symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Help regulate the beneficial bacteria in your gut

Adding these powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics would have been enough to create a unique product to help your digestion and your overall health; however, we didn’t stop there.

Our experts have added into our proprietary blend, two important minerals found in the most nourishing soils on Earth: fulvic and humic acids.

Fulvic and humic acids have been called “nature’s most important supplements”.

They contain 60+ minerals that are essential for our cellular health, along with numerous beneficial nutrients, enzymes, hormones, amino-acids, natural antibiotics, natural antivirals and natural fungicides.

These ingredients have been proven to regulate the immune system, improve gastrointestinal function, and help multiple vital processes.

If you want to understand just a fraction of what this can do for your health, picture this:

Fulvic acid has been proven to reduce allergies similarly 1% hydrocortisone, a powerful anti-allergy drug with multiple side-effects. But unlike hydrocortisone, fulvic acid not only is side-effect free, it also helps your health tremendously:

  • It helps the health of your gut
  • Provides powerful antioxidant support
  • May help people suffering with type 2 diabetes
  • Helps bind and eliminate heavy metals and other toxins that wear and tear your body
  • Promotes cell regeneration
Last, but not least… our experts added another top health supplement in an already powerful formula:

A power-dose of Organic Green Papaya Powder

This dose:

  • Has powerful antioxidant effects, protecting you from aging and neurodegenerative disease
  • Helps people who are suffering from prediabetes or mild hypothyroidism tremendously
  • It’s proven to protect your heart thanks to the high doses of Vitamin C and lycopene
  • Significantly helps with constipation and bloating
Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, our customly-formulated blend of Digestive Enzymes with Fulvic acids perfectly compliments your gut health treatment.


It helps your gut digest your favorite foods, balance your healthy bacteria, eliminate that feeling of sluggishness after a meal, and significantly improves your antioxidant levels that work against the wear and tear of your body.


And adding an extra dose of fulvic minerals helps your immune system work properly and eliminates toxins. This is how you not only get a healthy gut without “leaky” holes, but you also supercharge your digestion and help the whole body work better. This is how you get a total restore treatment for your gut.


The $XX discount off retail is only available for our first-time customers.


We want you to take advantage of the full gut treatment our health experts have developed for you. And although Gut Repair 360 is probably the best supplement out there for leaky gut, we want to take your treatment further and enjoy even more health benefits.


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Just like with our Gut Repair 360, you benefit from our flash-sale offer risk-free.


This means that you have 90 days to test risk free our proprietary blend of digestive enzymes enhanced with fulvic minerals. This means you have up to three months to experience the positive effects while your investment is protected.

All our products have been developed as complimentary products that work to enhance each other’s effects.


Not only will you not get any bad reaction from using them at once, but you will actually get better results, faster. Gut Repair 360 will work to fix the holes of your leaky gut, Toxi Binder will help your body get rid of inflammation-causing toxins, and our Digestive Enzymes with Fulvic Minerals will help your digestion work like a well oiled machine.


Add into the mix the extra health benefits of all the extras we’ve added into our formula and you have the perfect recipe for a restored health, with a perfectly balanced gut, and boundless energy for all the things you love!

Add Three Bottles to Your Order Today and Save 67%

Regular Price : $419.7



+90-Day Money Back Guarantee

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