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Why Do I Need More Bottles of Gut Repair?

To get the best results, experts recommend using Gut Repair consistently for 7 to 12 months. Simply put, the more product you use, the better equipped you’ll be to nourish your “good” bacteria and repair the holes of your gut lining.
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We recommend you keep the Gut Repair 360 bottles in a cool, dry place. You can use your kitchen cabinet or a clean drawer. This is how you make sure you experience all the benefits of this formula, without worry.

You will get the best benefits if you’re consistent and committed to taking one capsule per day, which means six bottles would last you for six months.

90-Day Money-Back Warranty
That’s right! You have up to 3 months to decide if this product is delivering on its promise. That’s how much confidence I have in its incredible properties.

And if you decide, even on the 90th day that the Gut Repair 360 is not the right thing for you, then simply email my team at [email protected] and you will get your investment back in 24 hours.
Hi, Jonathan Otto here. Before we process your order, I want you to take a minute to check out our one-time, flash-sale discount offer you can find on this page.
You see, many people write to me and ask “How can I make sure this treatment works, that I will repair my gut lining, treat my leaky gut once and for all, and enjoy all the positive effects: more energy, better moods, better skin, a healthy weight, and great digestion, just to name a few?

And my answer is always the same: make sure you’re consistent and take Gut Repair 360 every single day for at least 7 to 12 months. 

In total, these explosive natural ingredients combined, have the power to:

Now, with Gut Repair 360 you may start to experience the positive effects in a couple of days, or maybe a week after you start taking it. Once you start feeling more energetic and healthier, most people feel it’s time to forget about their treatment. However, I urge you to be persistent. Because think about it: It took decades for your digestive system and gut lining to get hurt by all the toxins in our food… So you need patience to cure it. It won’t take you years to treat your problem, but you do need a few months of treatment. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your good bacteria won’t build in a day either! That’s why the 6-bottles upgrade we’re offering is so important for your progress.
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